Baja SAE®

South Africa 2021

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Event Details

Date: Canceled for 2021

Location: Virtual and Physical

Documentation:  Documentation for next season to be made available later

About Baja SAE® South Africa

Welcome to the official website of Baja SAE® South Africa!  This engineering design competition forms part of the Society of Automotive Engineers Collegiate Design Series and has been running in South Africa since 1996.  Under- and postgraduate students are challenged to design, manufacture, and compete in an exciting competition that is aimed at putting the skills of the next generation of engineers to the test.  Each team will be faced with the real-life consequences of managing a tight budget, negotiating technical documentation and proving that their vehicle can withstand the harshest environments.  Real budgets, real consequences, real engineering!

The four main categories of the Baja SAE® South Africa competition includes Technical inspection, Design evaluation, Cost evaluation and of course the ever exciting Dynamic events.  Industry experts play the role of independent judges and technical inspectors to evaluate each team’s vehicle to ensure that the highest standard of safety and craftsmanship is achieved to ultimately determine the overall winner.   Teams are required to submit weld samples and other documentation a few months before the competition date to ensure a smooth event on the day of the competition.  Baja SAE® South Africa – Testing engineering excellence.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Thanks to all our sponsors listed below!  If you want to be part of the Baja SAE® South Africa family, please contact us for sponsorship opportunities.